Our students are required to dress properly, including the appropriate shoes for all classes. Clothing must be close fitting. This allows for the best progress, freedom of movement, comfort, and safety.

DANCE STUDENTS – A leotard or spandex outfit (any color) is best. For older girls spandex shorts with a tank top are acceptable.  All tops must be tucked in or caught up at the waist. No over-sized tops, please. Jeans, long sleeves, sweatshirts, loose fitting clothing, etc. are not acceptable for class.


Children taking ½ hour dance classes

        ♦    Pre-school and Elementary Tap Shoes have to be black. We prefer tap shoes with elastic closures.

        ♦    Pre-school & Elementary Ballet Slippers must be pink leather

        ♦    Pre-school and Elementary Jazz/Hip Hop Shoes will be chosen by the teacher and purchased                              through the school

Middle and High school Classes and Girls in our “Spotlight Dance Company”

        ♦    Ballet students wear pink leather ballet slippers

        ♦    Jazz students wear jazz boots purchased through the school

        ♦    Tap students wear beige tap shoes, heel size determined by the teacher, purchased through the                        school

GYMNASTIC STUDENTS – A leotard or spandex outfit (any color) is best.  For older girls spandex shorts with a tank top are acceptable, however, all tops are to be tucked in at the waist. No over-sized clothing for safety reasons.  All clothing must be smooth. No rhinestones, belts, buckles, buttons, zippers, glitter, etc.

Shoes: Gymnastic Shoes are purchased through the school. Shoes are to be ordered within the first month of class. Until you have gym shoes you must have bare feet, no socks in class, please.

        ♦    Gymnastic Students are not allowed to use the equipment without coaching supervision

        ♦    No jewelry of any type may be worn during class. Please leave it at home.

        ♦    For safety reasons long hair must be tied at the sides of the head. No ponytails at the back of the head please, as they are uncomfortable when rolling etc.

        ♦    Finger and toe nails must be kept short



Regular Attendance is essential to ensure our student’s progress.  Each child’s absence not only affects them, but all of the other children in the class, as well. Perfect attendance awards will be given out in June at our recital.

 Students should arrive a few minutes early to put shoes on and to prepare for class. Shoes should be carried to class in a dance bag, preferably a Studio B bag. Our bags are very sturdy, zip closed and have a pouch for your water bottle.

When your class is announced you should be ready to dance. Students coming in late miss the very important “Review Time” of their lesson. We ask that students stay in the waiting room until their lesson begins so as not to disturb another class. 

No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the classrooms. Only water is allowed. 

Please have your child go to the bathroom before coming to class. Valuable lesson time is lost when students need to go during class time.

All children are to remain in the building while waiting for rides home.  Parents, please arrive 5 minutes before their release time when picking them up.  If you are going to be late picking them up, for any reason, please call the school.

♦    Due to the increase of asthma and allergies in our pupils and teachers we ask all students not to wear any scented lotions, hair products or perfumes, etc. when they attend class.  Many of these products can trigger reactions.  Please be considerate of others in class.  This is a safety issue.


Parents may use our waiting rooms when accompanying their children to class. Parents are not allowed to sit in the classroom during class time. Better progress is made by students when they are not distracted by parents and friends. Please help us keep our waiting areas neat and clean.

Please feel free to come in or call if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress or you may e-mail any comments or questions to:



If we have a day with bad weather or school is canceled because of the weather, you should call the school and check the answering machine for our decision regarding the day’s lessons.  No school does not necessarily mean no dance or gym classes.

If you get no answer when you call, try again.  This means you were call waiting.

Saturday students – Please call the school after 9:00 AM to check on your class

Weekday students – Please call after 1:00 PM to check on your class



 Our Annual Recital is presented in June. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to show what they have learned in the past year. Wearing beautiful costumes and performing for all of their family and friends is very exciting for them and the highlight of our year.  


The school is not responsible for any loss or theft.  Please, always bring your clothes, shoes, etc. into the classroom with you. Students should leave all jewelry at home.

Liability Disclaimer: Betty Card’s Studio B, it's employees and St. Mary's Church are not liable for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by students while participating in any school activities.